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Warning: Diabetics:

This website will change your Life!

Earned Diabetes, Now Earn Fix
  • Cheap Fix, Like Smoking, Quit, It Is Not Easy
  • Will Need To Shake: Hard to Give Up Habits

What Happened, What Now?
  • Your Aging Bodies Abuse Handler Has Quit
  • Damage Done, Stop Abuse, Or Pay the Price

Both Early "Heed This" Warnings
  • Diabetes And Obesity Are The Same Cause
  • Diabetes and/or Obestiy Are The Same Fix

Unfixed "The Cause" Kills 80% of U.S.
  • Diabetes Rarely Kills You, But The Cause Does
  • Warning: Fix Diabetes Cause Or It Gets You

Drugs Perpetuate What Caused It
  • Medicals Big Prescriptions, Treat Symptoms,
  • No Fix, Drugs-Diabetes Both Escalate -You Exit

Diabetes: Non-Communicable
  • Accumulated Damage, Affects Only You
  • It Took You Years, But You Earned It

Curtain Down, Diabetes =Act 2
  • No Repeat of Act 1, Make It Bigger - Better
  • Starring You In: "My All New Life Style"

Ignore Diabetes, Maybe Go Away?
  • Once Past "Fixable" The Reality Speeds Up
  • Just A Short Term, You Are Boxed Up

Decision Time: Check Odds
  • Options: Take Self Charge, "Max Out Life"
  • Or Buy in Big Pharma, Likely Shorten Life

Med Society Says Diabetes Shortens Life Span 15 Yrs.
  • "With Their Treatment -Drug Escalation"
  • Turns Out Early Exit Estimate "About Right"

Diet-Life Style Change, No Rush
  • Digging - Your Own Grave With Spoon Works
  • True: Method Does Take Quite A Long Time

Diabetes, Lifetime Label
  • One Diagnosis, Free For Life, from Medicare
  • $100. Month-Test Strips. Fixes Nothing

Increasing Meds, A Prop Up
  • Ever Increasing Meds Just A Delay
  • Temp Help Continung Wrong Diet

Pretend It Never Happened
  • Many Do, Go Past Easy "Fixable",
  • No Going Back, Now Is The Time

Diabetics: Two Options To Choose
  • A. You Learn To Control Your Own Diabetes
  • B. Diabetes Controls, Cripples, Shortens Life

28. Turmeric Spice Reverses Alzheimers
Studies Verify Turmeric Alzhiemers Fix

27. Summer Reunions
Summer Reunions, Not Like The Old Days

26. The Diabetes Cure 'Briefs"
Diabetes Article Headlines, Fast Info Scan, Updated.

25. Your A1c Reading -IMPORTANT
The "Understand Diabetes" Meter "details"

24. Fungus Over Grows After Antibiotics
DANGER: Fungus Gains Gut Control

23. Candida Fungus Control Diet: Anti Yeast
Candida Anti-Fungus Control Diet

22. Ancestors Free Fungus Cure Works
Free Yeast Cure Clears Body Fungus

21. Qualifications To Be A Full Diabetic
Diabetes: Surmountable Warning, If Act

20. Diabetics: Sparingly On Fruit, Or None
Get Fruit Off Diabetics Start Menus

19. Why You Got Diabetes "Sentence"
Diet Switch=Diabetes-Proven In 30's

18. Graph Shows Why: Obesity - Diabetes
Like An Alcoholic, Days Numbered, Why "Sugar Drug" Caught Up With You

17. High Sugar Peaks Dump
Graph Explaining How You Got Diabetes

16. Diabetic Gambler, Get A Hit?
Drug Route Gamble or Self Manage

15. How Fast Digest Sugar Makes Peaks
Understand Fast Digesting Sugar

14. Kidney Diabetic Graphic Shows Function
Body Parts Quitting. "Try To Save You"

13. Tough Half Diabetes Glucose Control
Retrain Bodies Glucose Computer

12. Graphic: "Shows Route To Diabetes"
Study Important Graphic, Clearly,Understand

11. Understand Controlling Your Diabetes
This "understanding diabetes" graph illustrates several points:

10. Fuel, (Ancestor Diet) For Your Model
35 Billion People Study Over 2 Million Years

9. Diabetics "Eat No Underground": Except-
Diabetics Take "Undergrounds" Off Menu

8. Diabetics Self Help Food Pyramid
Diabetics Version Of The Ancestors Pyramid Menu

7. How Diabetes Adds and Catches Up
Diabetes Is Predictable: Contributors

6. Assist, NOT Fight Your Survival System
Biggest Block To Survival: YOU

5. Yo Yo Diets Lead To Diabetes
Yo Yo Diets Disaster Leads to Diabetes, & Worse Obesity

4. The Problem In Diabetics Pipes?
No Diabetes Switch Or Knob To Control

3. You and The Swine Flu, Colds, Etc
Bigger Hazard, Flu Or Vaccine?

2. Visual Explanation Of Diabetes
Definition: What "Diabetes Cure" Means

1. U.S. Life Expectancy Rank Plummets
Continued Further fall in rankings Accelerates, 20% Of Nations Ahead


  Learn To Self Master Diabetes
  • Ends Other Ailments, With Same Fix

  • End Diabetes Complications

  • End Diabetes Progression

  • End Expensive Prescriptions

  • End Drug Use Side Effects

  • End Weight Gain

  • End Night Sweats

  • Restore Life "Participation"

Read the Science, Why Diabetes Plate Menu Works Long Term

SetWeightPlate Menu: Content That Works

Diabetes Plate Menu:

Diabetes Medication, "Bet Your Life."

Metformin=Increased Risk of Neuropathy

Why High Blood Sugar Problem Progresses With Age.

"Diabetic Must Read", What Kills You Early and Get Off Medication

Why Diabetics Have to Take Charge ?

Why High Blood Sugar Problem Progresses With Age.
Medical Dictatorship,    Here


Recent Articles Top Of List,
Bottom Articles 1 to 20 Better - Up To Speed. etc.
  1. Your Body Did Not Become Defective, It Lost Muscle Mass and Lower Production Of Enzymes. (Normal Part of Aging)

  2. Neuropathy Cause and Short Fast Fix

  3. Pycnogenol, Miracle, Super "Fix All" Supplement

  4. Watch This: 60 Minute Video, Sugar Expose

  5. How You Got That Ailment

  6. Beware,-Excess Iron: Cause of 5 Killers

  7. How You Handle Diabetes,= Life or Death

  8. Cooked Food Makes Your Body Acidic

  9. Optimize Food Input For Damage Fix

  10. "Cooking Started" Man's Nutrient Problems

  11. Save $: Brown Bag Diabetes Lunches

  12. Regaining 15 Years Life Expectancy

  13. What All Have That Live To Be 100.

  14. Government Diet Cause of Health Disaster

  15. Diabetic, Hazards of Eating Out

  16. Why Diabetics Have Wild Sugar Fluctuations

  17. Diabetes Associated Degenerative Diseases, Your Likely Killers

  18. Pee Is Million Year Fungus Control

  19. LONG TERM Anti Fungus Action

  20. Ridding Fungus, From Diabetic Body

  21. Take Charge, Keep Your Body Going

  22. Antifungal Diets Starve Candida Growth

  23. Quit 3 Squares For 6 to 8 Never Go Hungry "Mini Meals"

  24. Diabetes, Asthma, Longevity, Break Thru

  25. Shopping List Diabetic Self Help Part 2

  26. Shopping List Diabetic Self Help Part 1

  27. Chocolate Medical Miracle, More Studies

  28. Chocolate Longevity Therapy Publicity

  29. Quinoa,Secret Food Of The Aztecs

  30. Diabetics: Amaranth, Ideal Superfood"

  31. Chia, The Rediscovered Aztec Superfood

  32. Metformin Drug Costs Down, Walmart Shipping PPD

  33. Understand Your Diabetes Was Inevitable

  34. Purpose Of Our Diabetes Publications

  35. Understand Why Diabetes

  36. Seniors, Avoid Adding Iron Supplements

  37. Standard Diabetic Care, Proven Disaster

  38. Steamers: Low Loss Cooking Device

  39. George Carlin's "No Return Ticket"

  40. NY Times: Jane Brody On Buteyko

  41. Believe Any Of This? Check It Out

  42. Health:Uncover Missing Puzzle Piece

  43. Light Therapy Works, Fixes Unfixable

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Purpose Of This Diabetes Self Help Site and Disclaimer

The attached Diabetes articles are by 42 year researcher, editor, publisher, Harlan Jacobsen (who died of cancer age 85) and his conclusions and recommendations after five years research and personally testing (living it).
It is an all out effort to uncover how to regain the 15 years life expectancy he was told he had lost after being diagnosed with diabetes, an accepted figure by Doctors using standard medical society treatments.
This Web site is his sharing what he has uncovered that works for him and is the current state of information of "what works" and studies on the subject.

Definition of the word "cure" in regard to diabetes is: Return to health, getting off all medications and totally arresting all further advancement of diabetic complications.  

Note: The cure for emphysema or lung cancer is NOT to regain the ability to go back to repeat the cause, smoking a pack a day with impunity. Neither, is the ability to go back, regain the ability to repeat the cause, sugar binges etc with impunity, part of the definition of a "cure" for Diabetes.

Author, researcher, publisher, reporter, blogger, Jacobsen had no medical expertise and this site is designed and made to be educational, informative and not intended as medical advice.

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