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The Food That Changed My Life

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 The Food That Changed My Life, That Blows All Medical Advances and Prescription Drugs Away

$4 to $5 a week.....Tops. Available Most Everywhere... Revolutionary.......

Nope I am not selling it..... have no connection with your local super market who sells it nor anyone else.
You wont hear much about it, in the media, etc because there is little or no money in it.
If some pharmaceutical company had come up with this, backed by the independent studies, and sensational results of over a hundred studies confirming it.... you would see full page ads everyday, books, tv specials, and television ads day and night.
Your doctor would be prescribing it to nearly every patient because NOTHING else comes close to these results.
Almost every pharmaceutical has a side effect, a downer that is often cutting your life expectancy overall, often more then what it supposedly fixes. Many of the top selling drugs, in US today.....if you read the side effects, you would stop taking them immediately and we invite you to getting on to doing just that.

This substance, in the over 100 studies, over a period of several years, verifying a wide range of sensational benefits, NOT ONE lists a side effect worth our mentioning.

Now you have to buy the next issue to find out what I am talking about.....

just kidding..... no credit card at the bottom of the article...nothing....

Our regular readers already know I am talking about dark chocolate..... with NO sugar NO milk..

Regular coco not dark works too just takes twice as much as dark..

I invite you to research this yourself. ....

To save our regular readers having to read this all again, lets just say the tests and studies all show that those on a small amount of daily chocolate, with no sugar and no milk had sensational unexpected results.

The first study involving over 1200 people in Panama showed those drinking this test coco several times a day over a year, had 50% less deaths then those not drinking it.

The study was to see how well it opened up your pipes. The drop in death rate was a surprise. Within a few months a study in Holland with over 3000 people mostly over 65, same surprising figure. over 50% overall less death rate for those taking it.

There have been dozens of studies since then over lots of different benefits (including benefits for diabetics and we have reported on those) and the latest one i found astonishing is they found it kills the bacteria in your mouth that causes tooth decay...(licorice does too they say) (I have not lost a tooth or had a filling in the three years i have been using it, but was crediting my caveman diet.) Previous year before caveman diet (and chocolate therapy) I had 3 root canals..

Every week I see a new study go buy on the benefits but stopped writing about them many issues ago. If some side effect showed up I would tell you immediately. The only thing I have seen lately of interest is some studies have claimed that over a certain amount lowers the effectiveness, not increases it.


Was going to do an article on how recent studies show diabetes makes you stupidor.

The term is cognitive impairment. Means you don't think as good as you used to and somebody has to balance your check book. You forget to shut off the burners on the stove and they send you to the rest home early for "your protection".

Brain food is made from cholesterol and the cholesterol lowering drugs are sending a lot of unsuspecting seniors to the rest home early cause they don't think clearly any more.

Chocolate to the rescue.........works for me...remember all these studies started out cause they had a clue dark chocolate opened your pipes and sure enough the studies found the old circulation opened up like old times and they started having less heart attacks etc.,and that cut the death rate in half on those in the studies..

Now new studies show it opens up circulation to the brain and college students have been alerted, dark chocolate, no sugar and no milk before tests. Good for one grade point???

So if your thinking improves to compensate for the down ward trend diabetes caused in circulation to your brain, then it can likely keep you too out of the premature hustle off to the rest home.. or may even get a relative back out.

Here is what it does for me and what I know as a human laboratory rat testing this stuff for four years.
It really helped my thinking and living. Coffee wakes some people up and they get a caffeine high.... there is little caffeine in coco but this with no milk no sugar has a similar effect, it gets you going. It clears up my thinking considerably and i think BETTER then I ever did. My cognitive ability has improved...how’s that...?
What you need to know is coco has a half life of six hours. So you have to input again within six hours or the benefit starts to wear off.
Frankly, I think it has helped open up my pipes to my feet and has really helped in my almost totally overcoming neuropathy ill effects. (tingling can't feel your feet if not familiar with this term.)
There’s more to my neuropathy story but lets say I think chocolate pipe opening ability of what I call my chocolate therapy, has helped me in a lot of ways.
Since I am over 80, don't get sick and can outlast many 40 year olds....( it is now 1 am and I started this morning working at 6:30) (took 45 minutes out to walk the dogs.)
All I can say is something is working.
If I had not researched diabetes, I think I would have been a basket case by now. So two things I credit primarily, getting on input I was designed for and chocolate therapy....(regular consumption)
My job is in sharing with you what I am finding out works, so let me say this is a big part of it......

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