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 Mismatch Your Body Can No Longer Handle  

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 Mismatch Your Body Can No Longer Handle

Stop Further Damage And Early Exit

You likely will not stop the damage or fix it if you don't understand it.

Here in a nutshell...is what’s happened to you (and me unfortunately) and would not have happened if we had known this years ago.

You and I inherited a body of proven tested design thru thousands of generations of model changes that worked for 2 million years.
Everything thrown at the previous models, it was handled satisfactorily with absolute ingenious unbelievable capability.
Then about ten thousand years ago agriculture grains and domesticated animals, (dairy etc) was added in.....
It takes fifty thousand years to adjust this model and these changes were not yet adopted.

Then suddenly at the turn of the last century more changes, and after 1950 huge changes so that over half of what you are eating your body was not made to handle.

This is a whole book to understand all of these changes and affect. Simple solution is to stop all your body not adjust too and go to only what it is programmed to handle.

Biggest problem and best example to grasp what went wrong is sugar and refined flour.
Your body was made to absorb from food small amounts of sugar mixed in with high fiber. like 80% fiber 20% sugar. It took a long time to digest that sugar out of the fiber so it hit your blood stream very slowly.
Now modern processed food you buy is the opposite, 80% sugar, 20% fiber and results in peak sugar digestion your body is NOT equipped to handle.
You literally drown in high blood sugar. To survive your body makes high Insulin levels (the fat making sugar control hormone) that forces the sugar into muscles to store, forces kidneys to pee it out and as a last resort makes fat

After years of this high insulin your muscles become resistant to it and as you get older you LOSE muscle mass. (place to dump high sugar peaks) When your body’s high insulin levels have peaked and muscle sugar storage dump become resistant, cannot make fat fast enough to dispose of high sugar, nor pee it out fast enough, all these defenses are no longer adequate you start drowning in high blood sugar.

This is called diabetes. Or maybe expanding fat cells as defense, this is called obesity. Or sometimes both.
The highest sugar your ancestors dealt with was fruits and berries at a very short season. Fruits and berries now have been bred up to 3 times the amount of sugar as before turn of the century fruits. Your body can NOT process even raw fruit, (let alone juices) without a problem.

Now we add refined sugar, and refined flour, French fried potatoes convert to blood sugar faster then right out of sugar bowl, so many foods unknown a few centuries ago (Columbus introduced potato to Europe) all are unable to be handled because of this fast digestion to blood sugar.

Continued drowning in blood sugar (not coping fast enough to dispose of it..) means blood thickens and small vien supplied appendages such as nerves in feet hands, blood vessels in eyes etc literally die and cause "complications" often making invalids of diabetics.

The extremely high insulin produced by the body in defense to try to force control to keep you from drowning in high blood sugar, (caused by eating food that converts to blood sugar too fast) (drowning from the peaks of high blood glucose...) is the villain causing the rapid development of the degenerative diseases that usually wind up killing you far earlier then non diabetics.

Solution is simple.....eat nothing your ancestors did not eat and your body can automatically handle it..... Eat as much of any of them you want, as often as you want whenever you want... no counting no bookkeeping..

Nothing to keep track of except learning what foods make the cut....

You will automatically not have high blood glucose because you are eating nothing producing high glucose. You will automatically not have high insulin because you are producing anything requiring disposing of high blood glucose.

You will lose all extra fat because you have no need for it.....and you are running on a fat burning system as your ancestors did NOT a sugar based system as now...  


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